Who are we?

We are a group of enthousiastic people working for Nedap, a Dutch company with a single goal: solve problems.


First day in Paraguay

This morning we arrived in Paraguay to be greeted warmly by our new friend Juanma Teixido. After checking into our hotel and getting a well needed shower, Juanma gave us a short tour of Asuncion. The main event was his son's first birthday party at which we were gracefully invited to join. Happy birthday Biel!

Today we learned two important things:


  • When it rains in Paraguay, it rains.
  • Clowns are easily tricked.


We have high hopes for tomorrow!


Gettext for Rails 3.0.0 beta

We just posted an open-source task on the newly released nextsprocket site. The reward is $300 for a functional demo app, check the task for more details.

You can view the task here.


The art of saying no

Saying no to our customers is our biggest selling point. People don't expect it. They have never come across any salesperson that was willing to say no to customers even if it means he/she won't sell anything that day.

Whenever we say no in a sales meeting, the room usually goes silent. A shock moves across the room and people look at each other confused. Then we explain, we tell them why we said no.

In our experience, saying no and having a good explanation for it is better than saying yes. 

We say no every day because we want to protect our customers against themselves. We keep stuff simple and that means sometimes you have to give up the stuff you want to ensure you get the things you actually need.


Bootcamp horror story

A few days ago I finally succumbed to the powers of my inner nerd. The release of StarTrek Online was too much for my LCARS loving brain to handle, so I caved. I bought the game online, booted into windows on my mac and started downloading the 8 gig installer and was ready to go...so I thought.

Unfortunately the installer required an additional 15 gigs of space on my windows disk to install the actual game and it would not install from DVD or USB disk. So I needed to resize my Bootcamp partition...and here things got interesting. OSX seems completely incapable of handling this gracefully, so it took me about two days to figure it out how to do it without reinstalling windows or OSX. Here are the steps:

  • Back up your windows partition using Winclone 2.2, which is hard to find online so google it for a while.

  • Go into the Bootcamp assistant and remove the current windows partition.

  • Try to create a new bigger partition right away, if you have been using OSX for a while this will fail.

  • If it succeeds, skip the next three steps.

  • If it fails, you are in for a world of pain. Download iDefrag and create a bootable disk. Use the disk to boot into iDefrag and use the 'compact' algorithm. This will take a while. It is useless to run any other kind of defrag or use it in 'online' mode. Bootcamp complains about the fact that it cannot move the files at the end of your partition, iDefrag compacts your disk so all the data is in the front.

  • Next boot into your OSX install DVD and run Disk Utility and repair the disk. This will fix any left over stuff that may prevent Bootcamp from partitioning.

  • Boot into your OSX install and run the Bootcamp assistant and try to partition again. This should work fine now.

  • Now restore your backup to the new (and bigger) partition. If this works out-of-the-box you are in luck and can skip the rest of this step. 
    If it fails, you have probably not shut down windows properly before your backup. Go into the Winclone preferences and enable the 'Use ASR to restore compressed images' and try again. This worked for me, but the partition was the same size as the original with the free space not allocated to windows. I used iPartition (from a boot disk) to fix this and grew the NTFS partition to use the newly freed space.

  • Boot into windows and it will run chkdsk, this is normal.

It took me a lot of heartache to figure this stuff out so I hope it helps to have a clear guide how to go about this.



Project Paraguay

Next month a small delegation of our team will join the Nosotros team to create a completely new product. Together we will spend a week at their office in Paraguay, brainstorming, designing, mocking and developing.

We will keep a diary of what we are doing and post it on this site once our mystery project goes live. One thing we can say about it is that it will be open to everyone. Normally we only build stuff for companies but this will be our first consumer project. We are very excited!