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We are a group of enthousiastic people working for Nedap, a Dutch company with a single goal: solve problems.


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Cha-Ching and dutch banks

Like lots of you I bought the incredible MacHeist app bundle last week. One of the appz was Cha-Ching, a finance program to keep track of your money.

One of the most useful features is the import. You can simply import all of your bank's records and be done with it. Unfortunately the dutch banks (or at least the Rabobank and Postbank) don't support the same formats Cha-Ching supports (like OFX/QIF).

I wrote a small utility to convert the banks CSV files to OFX files. 

For the simple version, use the automator zip file! Read the README to get it to work.

CSV convertor - Postbank/Rabobank (PHP/Automator)