Who are we?

We are a group of enthousiastic people working for Nedap, a Dutch company with a single goal: solve problems.


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First day in Paraguay

This morning we arrived in Paraguay to be greeted warmly by our new friend Juanma Teixido. After checking into our hotel and getting a well needed shower, Juanma gave us a short tour of Asuncion. The main event was his son's first birthday party at which we were gracefully invited to join. Happy birthday Biel!

Today we learned two important things:


  • When it rains in Paraguay, it rains.
  • Clowns are easily tricked.


We have high hopes for tomorrow!


Project Paraguay

Next month a small delegation of our team will join the Nosotros team to create a completely new product. Together we will spend a week at their office in Paraguay, brainstorming, designing, mocking and developing.

We will keep a diary of what we are doing and post it on this site once our mystery project goes live. One thing we can say about it is that it will be open to everyone. Normally we only build stuff for companies but this will be our first consumer project. We are very excited!