Who are we?

We are a group of enthousiastic people working for Nedap, a Dutch company with a single goal: solve problems.


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50,000 dutch nurses use NFC phones daily

Last month we hit a big milestone at Nedap. Today more than 50,000 nurses in the Netherlands use NFC phones in their daily work. Now you might be thinking: "How did NFC get so big so quickly in the Netherlands?". Well actually we have been steadily rolling out NFC phones to nurses for the past 10 years. Together with Nokia and Samsung, we have been developing and field testing the last five generations of NFC phones. The Nokia 3220-NFC, Nokia 6131-NFC, Nokia 6312-NFC, Samsung S5230-Star-NFC and currently the Samsung Star S2-NFC and the Nokia C7-NFC.

Nokia C7 NFC & Samsung S2 NFC

Why do nurses need a NFC phone?

The nurses we are talking about here are nurses that provide home healthcare. They provide care to the patients in the comfort of their own home. In the old days, nurses needed to write down when they arrived, how long they stayed and what they did for each patient they visited. All this information was entered into a central system, which in turn sent bills to the patients. All this administration was error prone and a big hassle for the nurses. Instead of digitizing this problem by using something like a PDA, we opted to design a completely automated solution. When the nurse enters the patients house, she touches a patient card with her phone. When she leaves, she touches the same card again. We do all the administration for them. This way the nurse has more time for her patients!

How can I get my hands on some NFC goodness?

Currently Nokia and Samsung have been building these phones to order only, but both parties say that this will change for the coming generation of phones. If you want to do more with NFC now, you can go out and buy a Google Nexus NFC or you might find our !D handscanner interresting. It's a UHF RFID/barcode/Mifare reader, compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad and Windows CE and has a public API. More information at a dealer near you: http://www.nedap-retail.com/our-business-partners.

Nedap retail RFID handheld reader